The Shop AND About What We Do!

Well, here's a little info on what we really do here!  Now, that's a little easier said than done, but, with a little creative ingenuity, I think I can come up with a pretty good description of just what it is that we do here!

First off, we "are" a "body shop".  That's right.  You smash 'em, we fix 'em.  Just like that!  Well, there's a little more to it than that.  Our technicians do have more than 30 years experience in the auto body repair business, which basically means, they really know what they're doing!  All joking aside, they are ASE and I-CAR certified which translates to, "your car will be safe" after we're done working on it.  The beauty of it is, we also make it look great too!  Now, there are lot's of body shops that can make your car look good.  The important part is to make it look great AND make it safe AND make sure the repairs last.  This means that there are no "short-cuts" to good, lasting repairs.  That's why we use only the best materials to re-build your car.  We use all DuPont certified materials and combine that with DuPont certified paints and clear coats.  The combination will get you a superior job that is warranted by DuPont. 

'05 Nissan Pathfinder "Smashed"

We have a "state-of-the-art" shop with all the fixins necessary to repair any type of work.  That includes "heavy collision" and "frame straightening".  Insurance work is always welcome and we are registered with most insurance companies.  Here's an example of what some of our jobs have looked like.  This Pathfinder had a very hard hit to the front of the vehicle.  The entire job was done at our facility which included replacing all the sheet metal, the bumper, all internal engine parts that were damaged right down to the air bags and seat belts.
The entire job was done in less than 3 weeks and the owner was "very happy" to get his car back "looking like new".  Here is the same car 3 weeks later.  The moral of the story is simply this.  The owner got the "best" cost for the repair of his vehicle AND we made sure that all parts of the vehicle that "needed" to be replaced, were replaced.  Of course, the car looks great too!

So that's the "body shop" part of things.  We've done lots of repairs and here's a few more pics so you know what we're capable of:

Lexus "Before"
Lexus "After"

These two photos show an '05 Lexus hit in the right rear quarter both before and after the work was completed. 

Here's another beauty and the
beast transformation! An '08 Chevy
Cobalt get's a lickin' but "keeps on

These are just a few of the many jobs that we have taken care of here.  But, these are just standard "repair jobs".  Are you interested in the custom modified, super cars we do?  Or some of the most beautiful "complete restorations" you've every seen?
Check out our "RESTORATIONS" page!  Here's where the REAL MAGIC happens!

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