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Great Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Sites We Love and Want to Share

I love what I do!  Yup, as a woman in the auto repair industry, I genuinely love writing about cars and trucks and neat stuff to help and inform our readers about stuff that is either interesting, helpful, or, informative about cars, trucks, motorcycles and just about anything else that rocks, rolls, stops or goes!  In doing research, I have my favorite sites to check with and I thought it would be nice to pass along some of those sites to you, my Car and Motorcycle Maintenance readers!

Now, I have a bunch of favorite places on the net that I visit regularly and the list is huge, so I'm not going to try and list them all at one time.  Instead, I thought I'd start a new regular feature here and bring them to you once a week.  They are all great sites and each one has it's own special charm that keeps me comming back.

One such site is  The writers at Jalopnik offer great all around content.  You'll never be disappointed here, whether you are looking for reviews of cars, trucks, motorcycles and what have you.  Not only are the articles packed full of great information, but, you will always find funny and interesting things here that you won't find anywhere else.  One of the features I love at is the "10 Best" series of articles found here regularly.  A consistent list of the "10 Best" of whatever the flavor of the day might be!  Yesterday's "10 Best" featured "Ten Things Every Non-Gearhead Needs To Know About Their Car".   Here's a perfect example of the great writing you'll find at this site. 

Now, those of you who know me are already laughing and thinking, yup, she would pick something that revolves around here favorite subject.....maintenance!  OK, I know I do tend to preach a lot about my favorite topic, but, for the most part, I try and bring your attention to those things that might not be as much fun as you'd like, but, somebody has to do it, and, I've always been kind of the "motherly" type!  This sites "10 Best", however, will not only keep you laughing, but, also has some realistic concepts and info that will teach you something too. 

See the little arrow???
For instance, No. 10 on the list taught me that that little arrow on your fuel gauge points to the side that your fuel door is on!  Now how handy is that little tidbit!?  Something that, as a professional in this industry, I should have already known....but, learned here today. 

There is also the lesson to be learned in No. 8.  Knowing whether your vehicle is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or, all-wheel-drive is key!  How embarrasing would it be to be caught on video putting your snow chains on the wrong set of wheels?  Of course, here in sunny Florida, we don't worry about things like that, and, when we do, we simply put one on the front and one on the rear to make sure.....(Yup, you might be a red-neck!)  But, check out the video anyway, it's good for a chuckle or two!  And, for all our "towing company" owner readers, that video was shot in Seattle, WA, where you just might want to open the new branch of your towing company!

If it weren't for the signage, I'd suspect this was done right here in Gibosnton!
No. 7 is a perfect example of why I preach over and over again about making sure you know exactly where your spare tire and jack are located.....  Now, what I really want to know is how one of our good ol' southern boys made it all the way to Japan, (take note of the signage), to help this guy get that truck up on those "homemade, red-neck style" jack stands?  Someone needs to let Jeff Foxworthy know about this one and I'll let him do the honors!

More than just a pretty cluster!
No. 6 is just good sense.  Knowing what all the lights and doo-dads on your dash are for is necessary!  They are there for a reason.  But, as the writers at Jalopnik have dually noted, they can be confusing!  So follow those great suggestions and get out the manual for your vehicle and learn what they mean.  There will be a "pop-quiz" on Friday!

No. 5 makes me feel better about all my preaching about preventative maintenance and how important stuff like that is!  Although I might have put it a little higher up on my list, jumper cables and how to use them is definitely something that we should be teaching our kids, right after we get done reading the "how to" instructions a good idea to brush up on something before we go teaching someone else how to do it, right?)

No. 4 has me loving the great writers at Jalopnik even more!  Here they go again with making me feel proud about my obsession with maintenance and learning things about keeping your car safe!  See, I'm not the only one who knows that this stuff is important and will come in handy one day!  We, as vehicle owners, need to know this stuff!  So read this one and use the info to keep you and your family safe.  By the way, this really is a good way to check the tread on your tires.  Let's just thank our lucky starts that good 'ol Abe had a full head of hair when they decided to snap that picture that's made him so famous!

No. 3 here is related to No. 4 as it has to do with tires.  And, yet again, I get to have that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that my PM info is thought to be useful by yet another author of vehicular knowledge! Making sure your tire pressure is accurate can save you money! And, now that I've got your attention by lighting up your sense of financial's also necessary to keep you safe!  Tire pressure has everything to do with keeping as much of the tire surface connected to the road which is what keeps you in control.  So, take note of the info here and use it!  You'll save money at the pump and ensure your vehicle has every bit of needed traction when you need it!

No. 2. is pretty self explanatory.  But, remember the name of the article?  Not everyone knows about this key to keeping your car running smoothly!  So, follow the information here to check your oil regularly.  You can thank me later for my preaching! 

Schedule that maintenance appointment now!  We miss ya!
No. 1!  So, by this time, most of you have figured out that I've taken the time here to drive home, once again, the importance of keeping your car, truck, or motorcycle healthy!  Yes, I snuck it in by disguising this as a fun, humor filled article to give you a couple laughs, and, drive home the point, once again, that a well maintained car is a healthy car!  Follow these instructions and we probably won't be seeing much of each other!  But, it's not that we don't want to see you, we love talking with our customers. It's just that we really do care and want to see you have fun with your vehicles and not be spending money for no reason!  Parts need to be changed at one time or another just because they wear out!  So, we'll be seeing each other regardless!  I just like seeing our customers save money where possible.....take this last point to heart then.  Schedule your maintenance when it's recommended.  Those guys at the manufacturer's don't just write those manuals for fun, ike I do!  There is a reason for them.

Well, here's a big THANK YOU to the writers at!  To all our regualr readers, you need to subscribe to this great site!  You'll love the articles, news, reviews and much more.  It's one of my personal, regular reads and I want to share it with you.  So sign up now, you won't be disappointed.

Now, whether you do your maintenance yourself, or, you come and see us, I want you to save as much money as possible while maintaining your car.  Use the link here to find the absolute best prices on everything you'll need to keep your vehicle healthy!  I've told you time and time again, I'll do the homework for you when it comes to finding the best prices on partsAdvance Auto Parts always has great deals to save you money when repairing or maintaining your car, truck, suv, van, or motorcycle!  By going to our online parts directory, you'll fnd coupons, deals and more to help you get everything you need.  Use the search box on our page to look up exactly what you need.

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