Saturday, August 25, 2012

Car Or Motorcycle? The Dodge Tomahawk Concept Vehicle

We Love Concept Vehicles and This One Is Definitely For Our Motorcycle Fanatics!

Dodge Tomahawk Concept Has A Viper Power Plant

Creating a concept vehicle has just got to be a lot of fun!  Seriously, some of us are obsessed with drawing pictures of really cool vehicles.  Vehicles that look awesome, but, for the most part, would never become a reality.  Imagine working for a real car or motorcycle company and having the ability to make some of those cool pics become a, that's a job I would just die for!
<alt="driver view of Tomahawk posted by"/></a>The Dodge Tomahawk Concept is an awesome vehicle.  I use the word vehicle because I think it's still up for grabs as to whether it should be considered a car or a motorcycle!  According to, “For the Tomahawk to have been sold in the U.S. for road use, it would have had to pass all of the automobile safety standards.  Had the engineers replaced one of the tire pairs (either front or back) with a single tire (for a total of three), it would have been a motorcycle, although I think the lights might have been in violation of the regulations.”  According to, a motorcycle can have no more than 3 wheels on the ground at one time.  It (The Tomahawk) has four wheels, looks like motorcycle, and actually, I don't personally care what they call it....I just want to ride it!
Powered by an 8.3L, 10 cyclinder, 90 degree V-type, liquid cooled, 505 cubic inch, Viper motor that, through a manual, foot-shifted, aluminum-cased two-speed, sequential racing-style with dog ring, straight-cut gears, could propel this beast from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of somewhere around 300 mph, this vehicle is just raw adrenalin looking for a driver or rider!
The block is a 356-T6 aluminum alloy block with cast-iron liners, aluminum alloy cylinder heads. The Bore x Stroke: 4.03 inches x 3.96 inches (102.4 x 100.6), two pushrod-actuated overhead valves per cylinder, roller-type hydraulic lifters, sequential fuel injection with individual runners.  With a compression Ratio: 9.6:1, and a Max Engine Speed: 6000 rpm fueled by 93-octane unleaded gasoline, a dry sump oil system that takes 8 quarts of oil and requires twin aluminum radiators mounted atop engine intake manifolds, force-fed from front-mounted, belt-driven turbine fans. The cooling systems actually requires 11 quarts of antifreeze!  You can find a full article on the Tomahawk at Allpar, a great site with lots of great articles on everything automotive. 
This is just one badass bike, or car, or whatever you prefer to call it!  Now I know you're asking yourself, why is she talking about this awesome concept bike, when, in reality, none of us can own or ride it!  It is just that, a concept!
Well, we can all dream, right?  Actually, the reasoning behind this story is that with a little ingenuity, you can turn any bike into your own concept vehicle!  Accessorizing your bike can turn a plain Jane into a head-turning, break tapping, talk of the water-cooler ride!
And, accessorizing doesn't have to be expensive.  You can add chrome to just about any part of a bike for pennies on the dollar.  Chrome accessories are great for adding flash and you can get almost any part in chrome!  Check out the great chrome parts from CruiserCustomizing.  Their chrome accessories page has "bling" for your bike from the tinyest parts to some great Kuryakyn Eagle Front Fender Ornaments and Show Chrome Accessories (big bike parts) Chrome Edge Guards for Tanks, etc.  You'll love your bike's new flashy look and there are chrome peices to fit any budget.
Check out their American Motorcycles Accessories page too, for some great ideas for your American made bike! There are simply too many neat accessories to mention here, so go shop to your hearts content at CruiserCustomizing.
Looking for some "high tech" accessories to bring your bike up-to-date and maybe even into the future? has your toys! Check out their motorcycle communication page for some great "high tech" toys to customize your ride!  From the Garmin zumo® 220 Motorcycle GPS to the GoPro Motorsport Hero2 HD Digital Camera, you'll find all kinds of great accessories and upgrades to bring your ride into the 20th Century at prices that won't "break your bank"!  One of my personal favorites is the MotoComm DSR-1003G Digital Recorder & Camera System.  You can ride and record all your favorite rides and upload them to U-Tube or share them on Facebook!  The camera mounts wherever you'd like and can create a "driver's vantage point" view that will really make the viewer feel like they were there.
Adding some accessories to your ride can really make your bike look and feel new again without spending a huge amount of money!  You might not have a Tomahawk, but, you'll have your own "concept" bike, customized by you!
Happy Motoring!
-Larry and Dee Blackman
LDJ Auto Body & Custom Shop, Gibsonton, FL


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