Sunday, July 15, 2012

1970 Volkswagon Baywindow Bus Arrives for Make-Over at LDJ Auto Body, Riverview, FL

Our newest project arrived today at LDJ Auto Body and Mechanical in Gibsonton, FL.  We are doing a custom "make-over" on a 1970 VW Baywindow Bus.  Our "babyboomer" friends will relate to this one!

What a great vehicle!  The nostalgia in this one runs deep and I'm sure our "VW loving" readers will agree.  The bus is actually in really great shape.  The owner plans to use the vehicle as a "rolling billboard" for Hawks Electric Tatoos, his tatoo shop in Tampa, FL. 

We're excited about this one and hope our readers will be too.  We will be featuring the bus in an upcomming article next week when it is ready to go back to Joe to have him and his partner cover the sides of the vehicle with original artwork!  The vehicle will then come back to us for a clear coat and finishing.

Register now for updates so you don't miss this one!

Happy Motoring!

Larry and Dee Blackman
LDJ Auto Body and Mechanical
Gibsonton, FL


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    1. Thanks so much for the compliment. Be sure to let us know what you'd like to see here. We are always looking for ideas for upcomming articles. Join our site and we'll notify you of any new and interesting things comming up. -Larry and Dee Blackman, LDJ Auto Body and Mechanical, Gibsonton, FL.

  2. A very detailed post. Maintenance is very important in order to keep your car/ride on top condition. Every driver/rider should know the importance of having a well-maintained ride.

    1. Thanks Jennz. We appreciate your comments and we'll try to keep providing you with new and interesting car, truck, and, motorcycle news. Check out this article at our sister blog, LDJ Auto Body's Car, Truck, and, Motorcycle News for some great preventive maintenance advice. We think you'll enjoy it.

      Please join our blog here so you can get notified of all upcomming updates. We are renovating both of our blogs with some exciting new features, so check back soon!

      -Larry and Dee Blackman, LDJ Auto Body & Mechanical, Gibsonton, FL.

  3. Always nice to read your blog.
    Different view and an own opinion about car maintenance. Thanks for suggestions.

  4. I am quite excited about this too. I do love to read blogs that talks about how to pimp your ride or how one could make it cooler. Since I am only a student and can't afford much make over to my car, this kind of blogs really help me a lot to boost my creativity.

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